Mayfair Chair

MAYFAIR CHAIR: Fabric: Verdi & Awning Stripe – Black / Camel
W94 x D100 / 112 x H94cm

Renfrew Chair

RENFREW FIXED BACK CHAIR: Fabric:  Lismore Sand W84 x D110 x H84cm

Radbourne Chair

RADBOURNE CHAIR: Fabric: Sacho 2122.05. W96 x D100 x H98cm

Kintore Chair

KINTORE CHAIR: Fabric: Umi Thyme. W89 x D97 x H92cm

Atlanta Chair

ATLANTA CHAIR: Fabric: Fir Vanilla. W95 x D100 x H97cm

Berwick Chair

BERWICK CHAIR: Fabric: Charlotte – Champagne. W108 x D94 x H97cm

Henley Chair & Stool

HENLEY CHAIR: Fabric: Pendragon.(Discontinued) W92 x D106 x H94cm HENLEY STOOL:  Fabric: Pendragon.(Discontinued) W75 x D59 x H28cm

Oxford Chair

OXFORD CHAIR: Fabric: Old Saddle – Dark Brown. W108 x D94 x H97cm

Gloucester Chair

GLOUCESTER CHAIR: Fabric: Gold Damask. Hand Made Bullion Fringe and Tie Backs by Renaissance W108 x D99/112 x H98cm

Glencoe Chair

GLENCOE CHAIR: Fabric: Tree Peony – Pink / Green. W89 x D104 x H100cm

Washington Chair

WASHINGTON CHAIR: Fabric: Facet Ebony. W80 x D93 x H106cm Shown with base valance – also available on polished legs

Waverley Chair

WAVERLEY CHAIR: Fabric: Sissinghurst Red/Linen W71 x D84 x H91cm

Holburn Chair

HOLBORN CHAIR: Fabric: Discontinued. W72 x D80 x H80cm

Eaton Chair

EATON CHAIR: Fabric: Gastby – 02 Taupe. W76 x D80 x H90cm

Bloomsbury Chair

BLOOMSBURY CHAIR: Fabric:(Now discontinued) W88 x D99 x H94cm

Selkirk & Dorset

SELKIRK CHAIR: Fabric: Pelham – Colour Buff. W82/88 x D88 x H120cm
DORSET CHAIR: Fabric: Pelham – Colour Buff. W86/92 x D88 x H120cm
Illustrated with Hand Carved Legs (Optional extra)

Keyworth, Donington & Suffolk Chair

KEYWORTH CHAIR: Fabric: Pelham Buff W77/83 x D90 x H102cm
DONINGTON CHAIR: Fabric: Pelham Buff W77/83 x D91 x H102cm
SUFFOLK CHAIR: Fabric: Pelham Buff W67/74 x D79 x H121cm

Selkirk Chair

SELKIRK BUTTONED BACK CHAIR: Fabric: Leather. W82 x D82/88 x H120cm
Standard legs (Queen Anne) Optional extras are Left:- ‘C’ Scroll, Centre:- Hand Carved Right:- Pad Foot


CHIPPENDALE CHAIR: Fabric: Leather. Wing Chair W79x D84 x H112cm. Master Wing W84 x D94 x H117cm Available plain or buttoned as illustrated

Stamford Chair

STAMFORD CHAIR VALANCE: Fabric: LJ2006149/19. W88 x D105 x H94cm
Hand Made Bullion Fringe by Renaissance

Ashbourne & Wetherby

ASHBOURNE CHAIR: Fabric: Phonix. W71 x D84 x H91cm
WETHERBY CHAIR: Fabric: Ella – Cambridge. W71 x D84 x H91cm

Boston Chair

BOSTON CHAIR: Fabric illustrated being withdrawn. W81 x D98 x H102cm

Peebles Chair

PEEBLES BUTTONED CHAIR: Fabric: Edgar – Blue. W79 x D76 x H112cm
PEEBLES PLAIN CHAIR: Fabric: Blue/Cream. W79 x D76 x H112cm
PEEBLES BUTTONED CHAIR: Fabric: Leather. W79 x D76 x H112cm

York Chair

YORK CHAIR: Fabric: Delamont. W91x D84 x H87cm

Bloomsbury Chair

BLOOMSBURY BUTTONED CHAIR: Fabric: Discontinued. W88 x D99 x H94cm
BLOOMSBURY CHAIR: Fabric: Renea’s Homage – Venetian Rose. W88 x D99 x H94cm

Iona Chair

IONA CHAIR: Fabric: Barra – Gold. W66 x D71 x H87cm

Woburn Corner Chairs

WOBURN CORNER CHAIRS: Fabric: Naxos Velvet Col 34. W72 x D72 x H84cm
Left & Right Hand Illustrated button back arms and seat available plain.



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