Footstool Group

STOOL GROUP: Fabric: Pelham Stripe HADDON W93 x D52 x H45cm (Available to any size) WARWICK W61 x D38 x H38cm (Available to any size) PARCEL W42 x D42 x H32cm (Available to any size)

Hexham Stool

HEXHAM LARGE STOOL: Fabric: Aubergine Velvet
W120 x D100 x H48cm Hand Made Bullion Fringe & Drops by Renaissance

Mayfair Stool

MAYFAIR STANDARD STOOL: Fabric: Aubergine Velvet. W60 x D84 x H43cm

Mayfair Stool

MAYFAIR LARGE STOOL: Fabric: Aubergine Velvet. W120 x D84 x H43cm

Half Bench Stool

HALF BENCH STOOL: Fabric: Blanket. W68 x D54 x H48cm

Bench Stool

BENCH STOOL: Fabric: Baker. W134 x D54 x H48cm

Florida Stool


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